Post-Adoption Services

We truly believe adoption is a lifelong journey and we want to help support you through it.  

Throughout the last 120 years, many have passed through our doors.  Some remember us as the Oklahoma Rescue Home, others, The Home of Redeeming Love.  All are important to us!  We understand that many adoptees and birth parents have unanswered questions or may want to visit their roots.  We also recognize those decisions involve an array of emotions including joy, confusion, relief, uncertainty, and hope.  You do not have to navigate this process alone.  We consider it a privilege to help you through our Search and Reunion Services.

Services to birth parents include a Confidential Intermediary Search for their child or a Mutual Consent Registry.  A Confidential Intermediary Search involves our staff consulting our archives for identifying information and conducting a search for the purpose of contact and reunion.  The Mutual Consent Registry allows for contact only when both the birth parent and adoptee have both signed up for the registry.  The same services are offered to adult adoptees with the addition of service to provide non-identifying medical and social history as well as assistance in enrollment with a Native American tribe.

Our staff is ready to help you process all of these options and walk with you.  Search and reunion information packets are available for both adoptees and birth parents below.  Grants are available to help finance the cost of these services.  Please click the link to access those documents or contact us today.

Packet for Birth Parents

Packet for Adoptees

Other Post-Adoption Services Provided

We will always be available for those who need a listening ear or as a place for those searching for answers.  Our post-adoption services range from ongoing support groups, special events, to search and reunion services. 

Our support group offerings throughout the year are geared to meet the needs of many parts of the adoption triad.  Services to birth mothers include a quarterly support group and annual birth mother retreat.  Support groups are also offered for multi-racial adoptive families and those waiting for placement.  In addition, we are available to meet one-on-one with those who prefer it.

Our therapeutic counseling center is also available for anyone desiring that level of care.  You can find dates and times of our support groups on our event calendar.

We also provide ongoing opportunities for special events for adoptive families and birth families throughout the year.  Please see our event calendar for dates of upcoming events.

Search & Reunion Services Available

I want to extend my sincere appreciation and thanks to Deaconess for “being there” at my time of need so long ago, as well as for being instrumental in bringing all of us together when the time was right. 

Reunion Stories