The Mary Fund provides women in unplanned pregnancies with food, shelter, clothing & other necessities.
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The Mary Fund is named after Jesus’ mother. Every time a woman in crisis seeks our help, we think of her. Why? Because if Jesus were to appear on the scene today, He may not have been permitted to be born at all.Think about it… unacceptable circumstances…the father unknown…an obvious case for an abortion. Although our society is slightly more accepting of unmarried, pregnant women, the news was not welcome in a first century Jewish community. The law regarded betrothed women who became pregnant as adulteresses, subject to death by stoning.Joseph was ready to divorce Mary in private rather than press charges. Many young women are abandoned by their children’s father today. We know nothing of Jesus’ grandparents. What must they have felt?


Did they respond like so many parents of unmarried teenagers today, with an outburst of fury and then a period of sullen silence? Mary stayed with Elizabeth, her cousin, to escape the lingering scent of scandal. Today. many young women seek shelter to avoid the judgment of others.


This fund is designed to help today’s “Mary.” Monies are used for pregnant women’s living expenses, counseling and support costs, and educational scholarships.