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Children from hard places have difficult stories. Often times, they have deep wounds that are not always visible to the eye. Counseling, adoption coaching and in-home visitation is often necessary to help families experience success and make the shift from surviving to thriving.

Deaconess Pregnancy & Adoption is committed to foster and adoptive who have taken the courageous step to love and nurture older children. The Journey Fund helps offset the costs of therapy for these families. Every donation impacts a life and has the power to change someone’s future.


Help an Oklahoma foster child find a loving home.Sara’s Story

Sara spent the first few days of her life on the banks of a river in Ecuador. The reasons her biological family left her there are unknown. For two days, Sara survived without food or water before she was rescued. She spent the next several years in an orphanage…waiting to be adopted.

An American couple was drawn to adopting a child to add to their family of six. As they began the journey to determine the best avenue, they stumbled upon a picture of Sara. They were drawn to Sara’s bright eyes and sweet smile. After much prayer, they decided to begin the process to adopt her. After completing volumes of paperwork, background checks and many interviews, they traveled back to Ecuador to pick up a very petite five-year-old. Sara was quickly integrated into their family as the youngest of five.

The transition for Sara was incredibly difficult. Her physical features did not match anyone else’s in her family and she could not comprehend anything her parents or siblings said. Despite her attempts to learn English and do well in school, she struggled with feelings of inadequacy and loneliness.

At age 10, something very traumatic happened causing her parents to make the very difficult decision that Sara needed to leave their family. Sara’s mom and dad emailed several different adoption agencies to see if anyone could help them locate another family for this precious child.

Bonni Goodwin, Therapist, explored the possibility of keeping the family together. Unfortunately, they felt that their only option was to place Sara, once again, for adoption. Unfortunately, they were not open to preservation. Individual counseling sessions were immediately initiated with Sara along with sessions to help her adoptive family deal with the loss and brokenness.

Adopt a child from foster care in Oklahoma City.In working with Sara, we learned she longed to be the older sibling of a baby brother or sister. She shared that helping to care for babies was one of the things she missed about living at the orphanage. After much prayer, a wonderful second adoptive family was soon located for Sara. She is now in her new home and is enjoying the role of being the oldest daughter, sharing her life with two sisters: a six-year-old and a nine month old.

We thank God daily that He allows us to be a part in healing the broken-hearted. If you would like to help other children just like Sara, consider donating to our Journey Fund today!