The Moses Fund provides financial scholarships to parents who adopt a child with special needs.
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silas-3-3Several years ago, a birth family came to our offices seeking a forever family for their son who was still in the NICU.  They had just learned he tested positive for Downs Syndrome and were feeling overwhelmed.  Already struggling financially to raise two young children, they made a difficult decision:  to place this beautiful baby boy for adoption.

The day after the couple completed all the necessary paperwork to make an adoption plan, the staff at DPA gathered to pray for God to bring him a loving family that would have the financial and emotional capabilities to take care of his special needs.  While the staff was in prayer, a name popped into the Executive Director’s mind… “Beth.” 

Dierdre McCool called Beth immediately, apologizing upfront for getting her emotionally involved in a possible adoption match that may not be a good fit for their family.  As she began to tell Beth about “Baby Boy J,” Beth confided she had always wanted to adopt a baby with Downs Syndrome and explained she was getting “chills” as they spoke.  Beth recounted that since she was a little girl, she longed to adopt a child with Downs Syndrome and felt like this was the call to answer her prayer. 

The next day, Beth and her husband, Curtis, met the birth family over lunch.  They spent several hours  getting to know each other before everyone headed to the hospital to meet Baby Boy J.  Later that evening, he was discharged from the hospital and was able to go home to spend his first Christmas with his forever family! 

Because of generous donors, Curtis and Beth received a grant from the Moses Fund to help with the costs associated with adoption.