Deaconess Pregnancy & Adoption have transformed the lives of women, children and families since 1900! We invite you join Movement 2100 and work with us toward our 200th anniversary!
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At Deaconess Pregnancy & Adoption, we do not always provide tangible items.  Since 1900, we have provided hard to measure services like time and care for all families who walk through our doors.  We believe through providing support and counseling, the gift of adoption is life transforming and impacts generations by creating families within our community.

Annually, we serve 120 women in unplanned pregnancies each year. 1 out of 6 will choose to make an adoption plan.

Regardless of their choice, support and resources are provided to ALL who seek our assistance.

Here’s a brief snapshot of how we spend our days:

  • Driving across our state to visit with a birth mother
  • Holding birthmothers hands while they are delivering their baby
  • We sit with birth mothers during their grief
  • We celebrate with them
  • Reuniting adult adoptees with their birth parents
  • Assist families during the adoption or foster care process with our knowledge of the complex adoption and foster care system

We are committed to continue providing intangible services in the years ahead.   This movement will help us continue to serve for our families, for our community, for our state, for generations!