The Joseph Fund provides financial scholarships for those who desire to be reunited with their family of origin but cannot afford the fee.
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The Joseph Fund a $400.00 grant helped this birth mother hear her daughter’s voice for the first time! “I received a phone call that forever changed my life…”

I picked up the phone to hear a woman named Debbie Campbell, DPA, share that she was calling concerning the baby I had placed for adoption 43 years ago. My first questions were: ”Is she alive and healthy?” and “Has she had a happy and successful life?” As a Birth Mother, I had always hoped and prayed that my daughter would have loving Adoptive Parents and would become a happy, well-adjusted, successful adult.

“Later that night, I heard my daughter’s voice for the first time. I was so nervous; I hardly remember what I said. Melissa (my daughter) and I are now planning ournext trips to see each other. I think God gave me a second chance the day DPA called. I am a lucky mother and am so thankful Melissa took the first steps toward our reunion.”

When Joseph returned to with his brothers after years of separation, forgiveness and love burst forth from his heart when he saw them. Joseph’s life literally changed the destiny of his family and history! Each time a reunion occurs at Deaconess Pregnancy & Adoption Services, I think of this story. Many adoptees experience happiness, forgiveness and love when they’re reunited with their families of origin. However, for some, the journey back to their roots is difficult. Sometimes feelings of anger, bitterness, and abandonment are lodged in the heart of the adoptee, making the adoption journey and/or reunion chaotic and fearful.   The Joseph Fund was designed to meet these needs, however, we do not have the resources to provide services to all who request them. Monies will be used to provide scholarships for those who desire to be reunited with their family of origin but cannot afford the fee, and to purchase resources utilized in the counseling process. Your help can change a destiny!

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