The Nehemiah Fund supports our agency's needs, including helping us purchase or update office space to host educational seminars, hold post-family-placement visits, host support groups, obtain up-to-date technology & transportation.
$800.00 donated
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The Nehemiah Fund a $21,000 grant allowed us to purchase a CRV!

When you think of adoptions and pregnancy services, you don’t typically think of transportation, but we transport precious cargo daily. On any given day, we transport pregnant women and their children to doctor appointments, grocery stores, and hospitals. These trips occur all across our state – from Tulsa to Ardmore. We put approximately 20,000 miles a year on the engine making sure everyone is safe and sound.

Bricks and mortar can seem pretty boring unless you’ve read the story of Nehemiah. Remember him?

He was the cupbearer to King Artaxerxes. His heart was broken by the fact that the wall of Jerusalem was in ruins, yet he displayed a heroic spirit while enduring significant hardship and oppression to rebuild it. The wall reconstruction highlights four principles:

  • Compassion – is the springboard of obedience to God’s will
  • Cooperation – with others is required to carry out God’s will
  • Confidence – results from fervent prayer
  • Courage – is manifested as God’s people carry our His will in an uncompromising manner

In the past few years, we have experienced tremendous growth. We welcome the challenge to accommodate this growth, but can sometimes put a strain on our brick and mortar. This need includes needing additional office space to host educational seminars, post family placement visits, support groups, and up to date technology.