Post-Adoption Services

Sixty Six Years Later…Reunited!


The adoptees perspective…

Glen Warren Agan was adopted as a baby from the Home of Redeeming Love to wonderful, loving parents. From a very early age he was told that he was adopted and that he was special because he had two sets of parents. He was told that if he wanted to know about his biological parents when he turned of age, they would tell him. The fear of hurting his adoptive parents after all the years of love and caring for him caused him to refrain from asking about his birth parents. However he used to lie awake at night wondering about his birth family. “I felt a vacant spot in my life,” said Agan. “It caused me a great deal of pain.” It was not until after both of his adoptive parents had passed away that he decided to take action in finding his birth parents. In the year 2000, Agan went to Deaconess Pregnancy and Adoptions to request the Confidential Intermediary Service. In December 2000, Debbie Campbell called to say that she had talked to his Birth Mother, but she was hesitant about a reunion with him at that time. Agan was so disappointed and kept thinking, “She’ll change her mind after she has time to think it all over.” Finally, in May 2001, his Birth Mother decided that she wanted to meet him. Tuesday, May 22, 2001 was the day that Agan was happily reunited with his Birth Mother after 66 years and 8 months. This was a great day for Mr. Agan; his Birth Mother greeted him with a hug and a kiss that he “will remember for the rest of his life.” Mr. Agan and his Birth Mother now often talk by telephone and visit each other as well. “I intend to make the very most of what time we have left,” said Agan. “Each time we meet or talk on the telephone she never fails to tell me that she loves me.”

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