1. Movement 2100

    Deaconess Pregnancy & Adoption have transformed the lives of women, children and families since 1900! We invite you join Movement 2100 and work with us toward our 200th anniversary!
    $1,540.00 donated
  2. Moses Fund Baby

    Moses Fund

    The Moses Fund provides financial scholarships to parents who adopt a child with special needs.
    $4,830.00 donated
  3. Mary Fund

    The Mary Fund provides women in unplanned pregnancies with food, shelter, clothing & other necessities.
    $5,540.00 donated
  4. Nehemiah Fund

    The Nehemiah Fund supports our agency's needs, including helping us purchase or update office space to host educational seminars, hold post-family-placement visits, host support groups, obtain up-to-date technology & transportation.
    $800.00 donated
  5. Joseph Fund

    The Joseph Fund provides financial scholarships for those who desire to be reunited with their family of origin but cannot afford the fee.
    $125.00 donated