The CARES Act & DPA 

  • Congress has passed new law that allows for an above-the-line deduction for charitable contributions of up to $300 (you don’t have to itemize to claim the deduction).
  • If you do itemize your taxes, the cap is raised to 100% of adjusted gross income for 2020.
  • Corporate donations were also raised from 10% to 25% for the annual limit in 2020.

We encourage you to talk with your tax professional and make sure you take full advantage of all the new allowances under the CARES act!

  1. Movement 2100

    Deaconess Pregnancy & Adoption have transformed the lives of women, children and families since 1900! We invite you join Movement 2100 and work with us toward our 200th anniversary!
    $1,740.00 donated
  2. Moses Fund Baby

    Moses Fund

    The Moses Fund provides financial scholarships to parents who adopt a child with special needs.
    $5,355.00 donated
  3. Hope Fund

    The Hope Fund provides financial assistance to foster and adoptive families parenting a child from a hard place who need therapeutic intervention & support.
    $12,025.00 donated
  4. Mary Fund

    The Mary Fund provides women in unplanned pregnancies with food, shelter, clothing & other necessities.
    $9,234.00 donated
  5. Nehemiah Fund

    The Nehemiah Fund supports our agency's needs, including helping us purchase or update office space to host educational seminars, hold post-family-placement visits, host support groups, obtain up-to-date technology & transportation.
    $800.00 donated
  6. Joseph Fund

    The Joseph Fund provides financial scholarships for those who desire to be reunited with their family of origin but cannot afford the fee.
    $125.00 donated