-Adoption is a life-long journey!-

We acknowledge that adoption is a life long journey that begins before children join their adoptive families and continues beyond legal finalization.

Families created by adoption need to be understood, encouraged, and supported by someone who understands the unique joys and challenges that are a part of this journey.  We strive to provide ongoing educational and community events to promote success along with continued access to adoption-competent mental health professionals.

-Post-Adoption Services-

Counseling Center

Deaconess Pregnancy and Adoption operates the Connect Counseling Center, a counseling resource for families and individuals touched by adoption. Connect Counseling offers a variety of services to children, parents, families, and groups.

Search & Reunion

Whether you are a parent seeking your placed child or an adopted child seeking your birth parents or relatives, Deaconess can help. We offer search and reunion services tailored to your situation. Call us today to learn more about how we can help.

Birth Mother Retreat

At Deaconess, we honor the loving sacrifices made by birth mothers who place their children for adoption. One way we give back is with our Birth Mother Retreats, events where birth mothers can come together to share support, stories, and love.

Adoption Training

Deaconess regularly trains hospital staff, pregnancy care workers, medical providers, school nurses and counselors on how to introduce the option of adoption to parents. Learn more about our option training and how your organization can take part.

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