Adam & Bethany


Occupation: Law Clerk
Education: Juris Doctor (Law Degree)
Religion: Christian
Age: 35
Interest: Board games, state and local government


Occupation: Customer Service/Inside Sales
Education: Bachelor’s Degree of Social Work
Religion: Christian
Age: 34
Interest: Reading, board games



Married: 5 Years
Biological Children: 0
Adopted Children: 0
Pets: none


We are Adam & Bethany, and it is a pleasure to introduce ourselves to you. We are excited and humbled to be considered as a family to love and raise your child. We are thrilled that you have made the courageous decision in choosing life, and further choosing to place that life into an adoptive family’s care. We love you for this, and we will ever love your child. We are praying for you now, through your pregnancy, and going forward. Thank you for letting us share a little bit about ourselves.

This is Adam: I was born in Denver, CO, but I was raised in Pueblo, CO; I went to a charter middle school, was part of a Bible church, and did karate. Even though I accepted Jesus at a young age, I walked away from my faith when I was about 16. For ten years I lived how I wanted, and with no purpose. Around 2008, I was living in TX, and I hit my lowest point; depressed and thinking my life was pointless. It got me thinking about my time in church and feeling part of something. A friend invited me to church and I accepted. From then on I turned my life back over to Jesus and I am walking in faith and in relationship with Him. In 2011, I enlisted in the Air Force as an air crew member. I married Bethany just before I went on my first of two deployment in 2012. I separated the Air Force in 2015, and we decided to stay in OK. We are members of Frontline church, and love it there. I graduated from law school in May and plan to get into government/public service work.

This is Bethany: I was born in Lubbock, TX, but lived in a small town, called Welch. My family moved several times while I was growing up. I accepted Jesus at a young age. I went to a Christian high school and was involved in choir, musicals, soccer and my church youth group and nursery. During college I worked as a nanny and a waitress. I graduated from the University of North Texas in 2009 with a degree in Social Work. I struggled through college to find identity, only to be reminded of my identity in Christ through loving friends and church family. I worked in social work and a couple of other jobs. I moved to OK in April 2013, right as Adam was coming home from his first deployment. I work as an inside sales rep, and I enjoy teaching in the children’s ministry at our church, reading, doing puzzles and hanging out with Adam.

We want to adopt because we want to share God’s love with our children and raise them to love Him and love others. We want to adopt because it represents the truth that God adopts us as His children. It will be an honor to adopt, and we believe that it will be a blessing to you for us to be able to love and raise your child well. We believe that we are in place to serve you by being available to receive your child into our family. We do know our lives will change, and we are preparing for that. We have an amazing family, church family, and great friends, all of whom have dedicated themselves to support us and love the child we adopt. Our plan is to have Bethany stay home, while I go to work, but if she needs or wants to work part-time, we will be able to provide for childcare.

We are new to the concept of an open adoption and we think that it is a fantastic way to honor and celebrate life and relationships. You are doing such a wonderful thing, and it will be a joy to get to know you personally. We understand that it will take time for a relationship to form, or maybe that you would not even want a relationship, so we want you to know that we will be respectful and flexible to your heart and how you would like to proceed in a relationship with us. We love you now, and we will love you forever. God bless you in your journey.


Adam and Bethany