Adam & Lauren


Occupation: Pastor
Education: Bachelor’s Degree; Masters of Divinity
Religion: Free Methodist
Age: 33
Interest: Bowhunting; watching sports; farming; playing guitar


Occupation: Stay-at-home Mom
Education: Bachelor’s Degree; Masters in Counseling
Religion: Free Methodist
Age: 34
Interest: Reading, sewing; crochet; DIY projects; running; hiking; coffee with friends



Married: 12 Years
Biological Children: 3
Adopted Children: 0
Pets: None

Dear Birth Parent,

   Thank you for taking the time to read our letter.   We know you must be filled with many emotions as you go through this process.  We admire your courage for considering adoption for your baby and we’re thankful you’ve found your way to the wonderful people at Deaconess Adoption & Pregnancy Services.  We trust that God will guide each of us through this journey and that He has your baby’s best interest at heart.

   We’re Adam & Lauren from Bridgeport, Illinois.  We’ve been married for 12 years and have three wonderful biological children.  So why are we considering adoption?  We both sensed God calling us to adopt before we were even married.  After having our youngest child we felt that if we were going to have any more children it would be through adoption.  About two years ago we began to pray and research different adoption pathways.  Then in the summer of 2015, it seemed that God wanted us to dive into the process of domestic adoption and within a few short days we met a representative from Deaconess at a church conference and everything fell into place.  Since then, we have had a peace that this is what God is calling us to do and we’ve received overwhelming support from our families and church community!

   Our three children: Noah (8), Sam (6) & Grace (4) fill our lives with joy.  All three are full of life in their own unique ways.  They really are God’s expressions of goodness to us as parents.  We love parenting.  It isn’t always easy, but it truly is always a blessing.  I (Adam) am a full-time pastor of two churches.  I’m plenty busy as a pastor, but my job offers me enough flexibility that I’m always able to make time for the kids.  I (Lauren) am a stay-at-home mom who loves being actively involved in my kids’ lives.  I’ve been blessed to be their primary caregiver and it is a calling that I cherish. 

   We believe all people are created in the image of God and would welcome a child of any race into our family with open arms.  We would be equally excited for a boy or a girl.  Our kids are thrilled at the idea of having a new brother or sister.  We know from our perspective this adoption will be filled with joy, but we also know this will be a difficult time for you.  Please know that we would love to have open communication with you and that you will always be honored by us as we share the story of how you made this adoption possible.   We know that we live far away from the Oklahoma City area, but we’re thankful for technology that will make it easier to talk, send pictures, email, etc.  We want you to know that your birth child is loved and that you’re loved, as well.

  Even though we don’t know you by name, know that we’ve been praying for you and hope the best for you in this bittersweet journey.

Adam, Lauren, Noah, Sam and Grace