Occupation: Technology Learning and Development
Education: Bachelor’s in Business
Religion: Christian
Age: 33
Interest: Running, computer games, fishing, & hiking



Occupation: Marketing Writer
Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Communications & Minor in Chemistry
Religion: Christian
Age: 36
Interest: Soccer, sewing, reading, girls night out



Married: 10 Years
Biological Children: 0
Adopted Children: 1
Pets: Dog


We are already thinking about you and praying for you. We have great hope that our paths are crossing for a good reason – and that this journey, although it could be hard, will be beautiful and full of meaningful moments.

A little about Alex, myself (Jessica) and our family … Alex and I met in Rome, Italy and it was “love” at first sight! Alex was so funny, lighthearted, and handsome (and Italian!) that I couldn’t help but have a crush. I was teaching English in Rome for a Christian organization at the time, and Alex was a student at the University.

Over the next 2 years, through English lessons, Italian lessons, and walking the beautiful streets of Rome, Alex and I grew in our understanding and love for each other; we wanted to be together for life.

We both knew that we had a desire to be parents, whether biological or adopted, and we dreamed about it since our wedding day! We found out shortly after trying that it would be difficult for us to have biological children, so we tried a few treatments and they didn’t work.

We were so excited when our son’s birth parents chose us in 2015. We have a strong love and appreciation for them. We named our son Peter Primo. We chose the name Peter after Alex’s grandfather and Primo means “first” in Italian. Peter is an awesome kid, he is happy, outgoing and sleeps great. We stay in regular contact with his birth parents although we don’t live in the same state.

And now, we can’t wait to see who God has for us next! We’re waiting in great anticipation and excitement to know who our next child will be, we already know they will be unique and special. Peter is our first child; our next will be our “baby.” We’re excited!

Our parenting style is primarily to focus on the child’s strengths. We foster an environment where they can be themselves and we help them develop what they’re naturally interested in and good at. We also cherish being very connected and close. We spend a lot of time with Peter one-on-one and also together, so we can understand him and he knows how much we care about him and trusts us to help him choose fulfilling things in life.

Our life together consists of driving to work together every day (Alex and I work at the same place), cooking Italian food at home almost every night (Alex cooks!), long walks, dinners and outings with friends and family. Alex is a technology trainer and I am a content strategist and marketing writer. We both have supportive parents, siblings and lots of little nieces and nephews we like to spend time with!

We love to have adventures and travel – and laugh a ton – but we also have a family mission to live humbly and help others in needs. We know there is a lot of pain and need in the world, and we want our children to grow up aware of those things and knowing how to contribute.

Again, we are thinking of you, we already cherish you and hope for the best for you and this child. We want you to know that your child would have an amazing life with us, no matter the twists and turns we all face, because they always have a place they belong with us, a hope in a God that doesn’t disappoint, and plenty of pizza and pasta J.

Love, Alex, Jessica and Peter Primo