Occupation: EMT
Education: Bachelor’s Degree (English & Lincensed EMT
Religion: Christian
Age: 30
Interest: Board Games, Video Games, Cooking



Occupation: LPN
Education: Some college, Licensed Practical Nurse Certification
Religion: Christian
Age: 27
Interest: Reading, Baking, Running, Being Outside



Married: 5 Years
Biological Children: 0
Adopted Children: 0
Pets: Cats & Dogs


Our names are Alex and Kelsey and we are excited to be able to give you a peek into who we are with this letter. More importantly, we hope it is made clear how precious we know this opportunity is for us. We want you to know that there are people in this world who care for you and your story; to simply be a moment in that story is beautiful.

It is impossible to fully express how grateful we are that you are taking the time to read our letter; likewise, we couldn’t possibly understand the extent of the emotions you must be feeling right now. Wherever your path ends up taking you, we want to make it clear that you are important, you are valued, and you are loved. Over these last 5 years, we have worked through the grief of infertility and miscarriages. Despite all our struggles trying to start a family, it has led us to this moment. Being a part of the adoption process, hearing from birth mothers, speaking with adopted children, and watching beautiful families that have thrived from the miracle that this experience has given them has left us blessed beyond belief. The fire we have kept alive to grow our little family has only been reinforced as we have been introduced to this amazing process and the amount of love and sacrifice it takes to allow it to happen.

We have known each other since high school (meeting in 2007), remained friends and truly reconnected years later when we began dating and ultimately married in 2014. Kelsey is currently working as a Licensed Practical Nurse while Alex is working as an EMT. Our passion is helping others and we find joy in being able to accomplish that through healthcare in our community. We live in a beautiful home in Oklahoma City with our two cats and two dogs who provide no shortage of laughs and love. Kelsey enjoys baking, reading, and anything that gets her outside. Alex likes family game nights, writing, and connecting with his friends. Collectively, we have a large family that always finds reasons to get together and enjoy each other’s company. This adoption journey has been supported by our incredible family and our future child will have multiple grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins of similar age excitedly waiting to meet them. 

No matter how your path develops as you seek to make the best decision for you and your baby, we hope hearing from us brings you a moment of peace. You are not alone in this. For us, your child will be loved and a dream come true, but that love won’t simply stop there. While we would provide the utmost respect for your wishes when it comes to the amount of contact you would wish to have in the future, please know, you will always have a place in our family. We want to offer up a family that loves and cherishes you as much as your child. We can only imagine the kind of experience you are working through right now, but know that there is hope and a lifetime of love at the end of this should you allow us to be a part of your next chapter.