Occupation: Financial Advisor
Education: Bachelor’s in Accounting; MBA
Religion: Catholic
Age: 46
Interest: Cooking, travel, reading, coaching son’s sports


Occupation: Mother; Fundraiser
Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism
Religion: Catholic
Age: 42
Interest: Traveling, reading, biking, painting



Married: 9 Years
Biological Children: 1
Adopted Children: 0
Pets: None

Dear Birthparent,

Thank you for taking time to read this letter and for considering us as parents for your precious child.  We honor you and the very selfless choice you are making and we look forward to meeting you.   Thank you for being brave and strong and choosing an adoption plan for your baby.  It would be an incredible blessing and privilege to raise the child you are carrying.

God brought us to adoption.  We have an amazing biological son, William, who we adore.  He is eight and a true blessing in our lives.  Before we even thought about having a child, we considered adoption.  We had barely started trying to get pregnant when God gave us William.  Jill had an easy pregnancy and birth…and we made the silly assumption “it was just that easy” to get pregnant again.  God apparently had a different plan for us.

We tried on our own, and then with some help from a doctor, for about 4 or 5 years to have another child.  We always knew we wanted to grow our family with another child.  We had no idea God would guide us to adoption at this time.  We understand God is in control and has a plan for this child (or children), for you, and for our family.

Jill works at a local university and raises money for scholarships and student programs.  She loves cooking, traveling and all things Disney.  Jill is from Oklahoma but met Bill when she lived in Florida and worked for Walt Disney World.  Bill, originally from Florida, is now an official Okie.  He is a financial advisor and helps people manage their money.  He worked at Disney, too, in the finance division… so we are Disney people.  We are active in our church and love getting together with friends.  We spend lots of time enjoying our son’s sporting and school events.  William plays basketball, baseball, is a cub scout and takes piano lessons.  He hopes to learn to play the Guitar soon.  Jill’s favorite foods are almonds, pizza and guacamole.  Bill loves pizza, sushi and Chick-fil-a.  He also loves to cook.

We both went to college and got bachelor’s degrees.  Bill went back and earned his MBA.  We believe that education is crucial to our success and our children’s success.  We currently have our son in private, faith-based school.  It is a big financial commitment, but we believe it is a good investment in his mind and his faith.  We plan to ensure the child (or children) we adopt has access to the best educational opportunities we can afford.

We are active in our faith and attend church every week. Our son also gets a good dose of our spiritual values at his school.  Bill is a volunteer at our church and a member of the men’s group.  We have a supportive church family who will be loving and supportive to your child, if you choose us.  Many people in our church family are praying for us… and when you find us, we know they will pray for you, too.

Since Bill’s family lives in Florida, we get to make trips to see them throughout the year – this means lots of beach time!  Bill’s parents come to visit three or four times during the year.  Jill’s family is primarily in Oklahoma so we get to attend family functions pretty regularly.  Our entire family is very excited about our adoption journey and look forward to welcoming the newest member of our family.

We have never been through the adoption process before… and we are learning along the way, just like you.  We have Faith that God has a plan for us and we are praying he shows us the way.   Although we don’t know you, we look forward to meeting you and developing a relationship with you.  We are humbled that you would consider us as parents to your child.


Jill and Bill