Occupation: Equipment Operator
Education: High School Graduate
Religion: Independent Fundamental Baptist
Age: 30
Interest: Anything with a motor, hunting, camping, and spending time with family




Health Careers Certification Instructor and Pediatric Registered Nurse

Education: Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing
Religion: Independent Fundamental Baptist
Age: 28

Swimming, church, hunting, camping, anything outdoors, riding RZRs, spending time with family



Married: 7 Years
Biological Children: 0
Adopted Children: 0
Pets: Dog, Horses


We are Billy & Amber! We first want to tell you how heroic, selfless, strong, & courageous you are for choosing life for your baby. Please know you are in our prayers. We pray for health for you & your baby, as well as wisdom from God to make the best decision for you & your baby. We are beyond blessed that you have chosen to view us as possible parents to your precious child. Thank you for taking the time to learn about us & we look forward to sharing our family with you.

We grew up together in the same church and were best friends with each other’s brother & sister. Billy was working for my father his senior year and the year after graduating. My father offered me a job to work there during the summer. Of course I said yes, because Billy was working there and I REALLY like him! We worked side by side the whole summer cleaning cars and helping the guys at the shop. One Sunday, 3 weeks before school was to start, we had teen night at our church. I knew I really liked him and was pretty sure he liked me too, so I called his sister that night. I asked her if he liked me and she informed me that he liked me too. I told her my summer was about up and I was tired of waiting. “I will give it 1 more week and then I am not just waiting around.” That Monday I ate lunch in the spare office and played on the computer, I noticed Billy kept coming in the office and then would walk back out. I shut down the computer to return to work, when Billy stopped me in the doorway, “You are going to laugh at me, but will you go out with me?” I said “YES!” I was so excited! I hurried to my vehicle to call his sister and tell her he finally asked! We dated for 5 wonderful years before we got married and have been married for 7 amazing years now!

Billy & I both come from large families. Billy’s dad is 1 of 5 & his mom is 1 of 5. My dad is 1 of 7. We spend every minute we can with our families. We watch our cousins, nephews, & nieces often & love having sleepovers with them! I am blessed to be an instructor at a Technology Center where I am able to have summers off so I can watch our cousins, nephews, & niece. Every holiday is huge for both of our families as we all get together to eat & fellowship. Almost all of Billy’s family attend our church which allows us to fellowship together multiple times a week. We recently moved to a beautiful property with a 2 story house, 15 acres of land with lots of room to play, an inground pool, backs up to Billy’s parents property, & is less than 10 minutes to my dad’s farm house. God has blessed us greatly with being able to spend so much time with our families & we will never take that for granted. Billy has worked for the county road department as an Equipment Operator from 7-3:30 Monday-Friday for the past 5 years. I have worked as a registered nurse at OU Children’s Hospital since 2015 & absolutely LOVE pediatrics! I also have worked as a Health Careers Instructor at a Technology Center since 2016 where I get the opportunity to share my love for helping others with my students! We love basically anything outdoors riding horses, swimming, fishing, hunting, riding razors & motorcycles, camping, & so much more. We enjoy traveling, especially with family. We take at least 1 long vacation every year, 1 vacation with our families every year, & family camping trips for Memorial & Labor Day every year. We cared for our handicap miniature poodle (baby), that was injured while outside one day for over 3 years. She was truly apart of our family & she did not believe she was any different after her injury. We currently have a corgi, Australian shepherd mix named Sugar. Sugar enjoys going on vacation with us, playing chase (you chasing her that is), & loves children. She is so amazing with all the kids in our families & enjoys playing rope with them that usually ends in playing chase as she loves to be chased.

We have tried to have kids for over 3 years & have done some testing, but have not been diagnosed with infertility. As stated above we spend lots of time watching our cousins, nephews, & nieces. Our strong desire for sharing our love & caring for others has also led us to helping in several areas in our church’s children’s programs from nursery to King’s Character to Vacation Bible School to Spiritual Boot Camp. Both of our work schedules will allow us to spend most of our time together before school & after school everyday. My job has a daycare service that would allow for me to see our precious child throughout the day before our child is of school age as well as we have several family members that work in daycares that we have available to us. I get the summers off & most all holidays off so when schools out I will be able to be with them. We both have a strong desire to expand our family with adoption & are excited for the days where we get to hold and care for our precious child even for the late night feeds & diaper changes! We plan to continue to focus our family in God’s Word & with God as the foundation in all that we do. You can rest assured your child will grow up to know Christ & we will pray daily they will come to know Him as their personal savior. Your child will be actively involved multiple times a week in church services & activites. Billy & I have prayed fervently for a child or children in which he wants for us. This dedication to prayer has opened our hearts to any ethnicity & any medical condition in which God sees fit for our lives. We understand God will not give us anything we can not handle & even if we are faced with challenging times (which we are sure we will) we know we can turn to Him & know He is there with us. We are excited to share all of our love with you & your precious child!

Our fervent time in prayer has also opened our hearts to a relationship with you through your pregnancy & even after. Billy & I are open to discussion on the number of visits & your involvement in your precious child’s life. No matter how involved you want to be or are please know your child will know you as a hero. We will speak of your huge heart & strong desire for a family & great life for your child often. We promise to speak of you highly to your child & to show a never ending love to them. We will love your child as if they are our own.

We would like to end this letter with once again telling you how brave you are! Please know we are praying for you during this difficult choice of choosing a family for your child & pray God helps you be at complete peace when you make your decision.


Billy & Amber