Occupation: Project Manager
Education: Master’s Degree in Entertainment Business
Religion: Christian
Age: 32
Interest: Playing music, hosting and producing a podcast, woodworking


Occupation: Senior Geoscience Technician
Education: Bachelor’s Degree
Religion: Christian
Age: 32
Interest: Home projects, working out



Married: 4 Years
Biological Children: 0
Adopted Children: 0
Pets: Dog


I can’t believe that all the preparation on our end and the journey you have been going through on your side, brought us to this letter. Without even knowing you yet, we are already so amazed by the love, courage and strength that is in your heart to provide us with the gift of a family. The sacrificial act of love you are doing for your child, makes us speechless. Thank you.

My name is Megan Stair and I’m married to a wonderful man, Brad for 5 years now. To earn a living, Brad is a Project Manager and I’m a Geoscience Technician but we enjoy doing so much more outside of our jobs. We spread our time between enjoying both of our families, who live relatively close and hanging out with our friends, who we might add, all have kids that would be amazing playmates. Brad is gifted with the skills of carpentry and cooking, so there’s a good amount of time building furniture or working on home projects. When we’re not getting our hands dirty, we like to utilize his cooking skills and my eating abilities to have people over for dinner or brunch. Traveling is something we try do as much as we can and vacations make amazing memories, but most nights are filled with taking our dog on a walk (I’ve already scoped out several close parks that we’ll be able to take your child to) and curling up on the couch to our favorite shows on Netflix.

It might seem strange to say, but even as a child I felt like God wanted me to adopt when I grew up. When I met my husband, it was amazing to see how God placed it on both of our hearts. I know you don’t know us yet but we have so much love that is bursting at the seams for our future little one and we can’t wait to start sharing that. We believe that love has no conditions and everyone, regardless of race or gender deserves the same amount of love and that’s something we know we can provide without hesitation. Our parents (your child’s future grandparents) are already sending us baby gifts and prayers out of excitement for the new addition to our family. For us, the opportunity of a life time is to be able to give a child a family that is going to give them unconditional love, provide a home where they feel safe and a life that’s full!

We want you to know that we are fully committed to being those obnoxious parents that are at every event your child attempts with cheering hollers and proud smiles. We will be there when your child may fail and to let them know that it happens and it’s okay. We will do our best to be a Christ-centered family and show your child that loving others is the BEST quality in a person. We want your child to know the story of how and why they are a part of our family. That story, will include the beautiful and loving gift that you gave. Hopefully, if you want, you will be able to still be a part of your child’s life and continue to add to the story. We want a great a relationship with you so that your child can be showered in love from all directions.

We know that you have the biggest decision of your life and your little one’s in front of you and if you choose us, we will do our best every day to step up and be the parents you are looking for. We are praying for you and when we meet you…well, we are on pins and needles to meet you and the adorable child you have created.

Brad and Megan