Occupation: Aerospace Engineer
Education: Bachelors in Engineering, Masters in Business
Religion: Christian
Age: 30
Interest: Woodworking, backpacking, hiking, camping, and hunting



Occupation: Writer
Education: Bachelors in Agricultural Communications, Masters in Communications
Religion: Christian
Age: 30
Interest: Baking, cooking, traveling, decorating, writing, and camping



Married: 5 Years
Biological Children: 0
Adopted Children: 1
Pets: none

Dear Sweet Mama,

You are amazing. We are so thankful you are getting to know us a little bit better. Whatever you choose to do, know you are incredibly brave. We see your love for your baby and want you to know that is something we don’t take lightly and that we will always cherish. We have been praying for both of you since the day we started the adoption process, and we know God has a plan not only for your sweet baby but for you too. He’s here with you right now. He’s holding you and speaking love over you.

To give you a better picture of who we are, we’d love to introduce ourselves. To get to know us, Brian was born and raised in California and Utah and has also lived in Michigan and Oklahoma. Ashley was born and raised in Oklahoma but has also lived in China and Michigan. Traveling is important to both of us as we want to see as much of the world as possible to understand different cultures and learn how other people live life. Besides traveling, we both love to go camping as well as go snow skiing/snowboarding. We also both really enjoy the outdoors. Brian is an aerospace engineer and really enjoys woodworking, running, grilling, backpacking, and is currently rebuilding vintage vehicles. Ashley is a writer who enjoys baking, cooking, decorating, growing fruits and vegetables, and making up as many games to play with our daughter, Mia, as possible. We both enjoy spending time at Ashley’s parent’s ranch and taking care of our family’s cattle. Our goal is to also own land in the near future so we can raise cattle, grow vegetables, and enjoy being outdoors together.

We are adopting due to infertility. Since we are unable to have biological kiddos, we are growing our family through adoption. Choosing to adopt was not a light decision, because we know how important it is for any child to know their story, including our kiddos who have both us and birth parents.

This is our second time adopting. Our daughter Amelia or “Mia” is three-years-old and is a spunky and compassionate little girl. She loves all things babies and is genuinely excited to be a big sister. Our future kiddo will be covered with so much love from her, and we are beyond excited to grow our family too. She is already stocking up all the stuffed animals she falls in love with at the store so her future baby brother or sister can have the best snuggle buddies when he/she comes home. Since Mia is adopted, we are extremely intentional about telling her how much her birth parents love her and teaching her about her story. She has grown up knowing she’s adopted and we love that she not only prays for her birth family every night but also her future sibling and his/her birth mom too.

We have a sweet relationship with Mia’s birth parents. We see her birth mama several times a year and talk or text on the phone often, whether about Mia or about life. We genuinely care about her birth parents’ hearts and want them to know how much we love and care for them, even outside of Mia. We are so grateful they choose us to be Mia’s mom and dad, and nothing can take that gratefulness and love we have for them away. Whether you want an open relationship like Mia’s birth mama or another type of relationship, we want you to know that we respect your decision and will love you through whatever you path you decide. Please know we’re always here for you.

We know there is so much more to learn about us and so much more we would love to learn about you too. We sincerely love you, even though we haven’t met yet. We are praying for your heart and for peace and confidence as you walk through the days to come. You got this, sweet Mama. God’s here and He’s helping you through every step with whatever direction you decide to go.

We love you to the moon and back, Brian & Ashley