Occupation: U.S. Navy Officer
Education: Bachelor’s degree in Political Science, Master’s degree in Business Administration expected 2021
Religion: Protestant
Age: 34
Interest: lawn care, running, bike riding, hiking, flying, playing basketball



Occupation: Nonprofit Consultant
Education: Master’s degree in Philanthropic Studies
Religion: Protestant
Age: 30
Interest: reading, gardening, cooking, spending time with friends



Married: 10 Years
Biological Children: 0
Adopted Children: 1
Pets: Dog

Dear Birth Mom, 

Your courage to create an adoption plan for your child, to give the gift of life, means that you are doing a hard thing—also a loving and brave thing. We are honored that you would consider our family for your child, and we are humbled to be a part of your story.

Our story began in college with a shared class. Cassandra may have introduced herself first, but Chris said, “I love you,” on the third date. We knew right away that we had something special, and a year and a half later we were married. This year we celebrated our 10-year wedding anniversary.

Chris is a Lieutenant Commander in the Navy, and Cassandra works with nonprofit organizations.  Chris enjoys flying, playing basketball, hiking and eating “breakfast” for dinner. He is calm, collected (unless watching the Thunder play) and hardworking. Cassandra is fun, kind, and knows how to tell a story well. She loves flowers, being outdoors, spending time with friends and family, drinking hot tea, and working from home. Together, we built something wonderful.

And then, in 2017, we brought home our daughter through adoption, and that something wonderful became incredible. Our daughter is feisty, loving, curious, and pure joy. God has truly blessed us with such a gift. We always knew we were going to adopt, even as a dating couple we desired to grow our family through adoption. This decision was solidified after we discovered that we could not have biological children.

Through adoption, we are a transracial family. Diversity is important to us—we make an intentional effort to educate ourselves and surround our child with friends and adult figures who look like her, honoring her heritage. We are committed to do the same with your child.

We promise to unconditionally love, cherish, and protect the child you entrust to our care. We know firsthand how healthy and nurturing an open relationship with a birth family is, and we hope to share this with you—though ultimately, we will respect your wishes. By meeting regularly and sharing photos, we will constantly reassure your child of how much they are loved by all of us. You may not know it, but we believe you are an answer to our prayers. We cannot wait to meet you.


Chris and Cassandra