Occupation: Claim Supervisor
Education: College Graduate
Religion: Christian/Presbyterian
Age: 38
Interest: Sports, hockey, baseball, football, church, tv/movies



Occupation: Program Manager French AWACS
Education: Master’s Aviation and Space Management
Religion: Christian
Age: 41
Interest: Sports and traveling



Married: 6 Years
Biological Children: 1
Adopted Children: 1
Pets: Dogs


Thank you so much for bringing the gift of life into this world and considering sharing that gift with us!  Words cannot express how excited we are to start down the journey to adoption.  However, we also appreciate the road you are on and the decisions you are making in order to provide the best life you can for your child.  While we hope you believe that life is with our family, we have a strong faith that tells us God will help you make the best choice, whatever that may be. 

To help you make that choice, we would like you to get to know us a little and hopefully to understand why we are choosing to adopt.  We both grew up in families with 3 children.  From the day we met, we imagined a family of our own.  That family always had 3 children.  The problem we ran into was that we were diagnosed with infertility.  We went through multiple rounds of fertility treatment before we were successful with the birth of our first child in 2015.  We tried multiple rounds of fertility treatment again without success and started to think about the adoption process for a second child.  While we were investigating adoption, we were given the opportunity to adopt an embryo.  That miracle resulted in the birth of our second child.

As amazing as it was to have two children through fertility treatments, the emotional toll of failed treatments is too much to try again.  Further, starting the adoption process when we thought that was the only way to our second child, got us excited about the prospects of adopting and the family we could provide.  That is why we are ready and excited to begin the journey!

We have truly enjoyed being a part of the lives of our first two children.  While we understand that nothing will ever be perfect, we strive to give our children the best opportunities possible.  We believe that means big, loving families like the ones we grew up with.  If there were ever any doubts about that for us, they have quickly evaporated with our first child asking us when his “next baby” will be here! 

We also believe giving a child the best chance at life involves being open and honest.  That will be especially important as we go through this journey with you.  We understand the emotional toll that pregnancy can take.  For that reason, we also look forward to working with you.  We want to support you in your decision.  We plan to work with you to provide as much or as little information about your child as you like in order to help assure you that you have made the right decision.  As the child grows, we want the child to know as much about you as you do about them.

Again, thank you for everything you are doing!  We know you will make the best decision for your child possible – it’s what parents do!


Kelli and Dave