Occupation: Information Technology
Education: High School Diploma/ Multiple IT certifications
Religion: Christian
Age: 31
Interest: Disc golf, guitar, golf, reading



Occupation: Church Children and Nursery Director
Education: Masters of Social Work (MSW)
Religion: Christian
Age: 35
Interest: Walking, hiking, sporting games, Broadway shows



Married: 9 Years
Biological Children: 1
Adopted Children: 0
Pets: Dog


Thank you for taking the time to get to know us.  We can only imagine the difficult time you are going through right now as you decide what is best for you and your precious child. We hope that you feel loved and supported no matter where you are in your journey, and we respect and admire you for choosing life and considering adoption.

Our names are James and Deanna.  We’ve been married for 9 years, and we have a four-year-old daughter.  We live in Moore, OK, in a smaller neighborhood, and four of our closest friends and their families live within a block of us.  We love spending our time together as a family, with Deanna’s mom nearby, and with our neighborhood. 

One of our favorite things is making meals together and eating around the table as a family.  We spend a lot of time at local parks and walking trails or in friends’ backyards playing and hanging out.  We also love having dance parties around the house, building forts, watching a good movie, family reading time, playing cards with Grandma, and cheering on OU football and gymnastics.  When possible, we take time to go to Dallas to see Deanna’s brother and his family, as well as go a fun family vacation each year.

James works in IT, helping his company make their processes run more smoothly and effectively.  Deanna works at a church as the director for their nursery and elementary ministries.  Our daughter attends pre-K, and her job is to have fun, learn, and try her best at whatever she does. 

The most important thing to us as a family is that we love God, love each other, and love others well.  We hope this is reflected in the way we spend our time, as well as the values we try to walk out and instill in our daughter.  We tell her every night, “You are made in the image of God, and so is everybody else.  And Jesus died on the cross so that you could love Him and love everybody else.”  She is the most amazing kid we’ve ever known, and she knows that she is mighty, kind, and truthful.  Our hope and prayer is that she knows the love of Jesus and carries those truths into everything she does.

We are so excited to grow our family.  We pray daily for this, and our daughter asks us regularly for a little brother and/or sister.  We have always wanted to adopt, and when we found out that we could not have another child biologically, we knew that God was guiding in this direction. Our hope is to have a house full of children and eventually, teens that feel safe, valued and free to be themselves.

We’d love the opportunity to get to know you and your family as much you’d like through conversations, phone calls, and emails.  We know it is important to have a story and a sense of family history and culture, and we want you to help instill that in this child.  Most of all, we want you to know that we value you, and whatever decision you make, we pray that you feel the Lord’s presence, peace, and comfort through it all. 

With love,

James and Deanna