Occupation: Director of Soccer
Education: MBA
Religion: Christian
Age: 36
Interest: Family time, working out, sports



Occupation: Contract Analyst
Education: MBA
Religion: Christian
Age: 36
Interest: Family time, shopping, hallmark movies



Married: 14 Years
Biological Children: 0
Adopted Children: 1
Pets: Dogs

Dear Birthparent,

First & foremost, we want to thank you for choosing life. You chose to make a personal sacrifice for your baby, and we hope you know that we have the utmost admiration and respect for you because of this decision.

A little bit about us as a couple… Jamie and I will celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary this year. We are best friends and partners in everything; more than anything we support and encourage one another.  We are also both stubborn and competitive, which is a good thing- most of the time. 😊 We live in a small town in Oklahoma and have become involved in our community during our time here, specifically with youth sports as that is a passion point for Jamie. We also have siblings and parents in town with us which is such a blessing!

We have several close family connections to adoption- Sam’s Father and Aunt are adopted, and Jamie’s brothers were both adopted by their Stepfather. We also have friends and a network of people we now know who are either adoptive families themselves or passionate about the cause, which is really amazing to be a part of.

For us, being a family is about unconditional love. A connection that God orchestrates in so many different ways. While building our family has been a different journey than we may have imagined several years ago, it has brought us closer together as a couple, as a family, and in a way that only God could orchestrate- it’s perfect. The people that love you most are always willing to help you, guide you, cheer for you, support you & pick you up when you fall. With Gods help, that’s the family we strive to create each & every day.

We believe that God is calling us to expand our family again. Our son, who we adopted 2 years ago is single-handedly the best thing we’ve done. Ever. He brings joy and love to our family that is in its simplest sense, overwhelming. If there is one thing we have learned in life, it is that everything good is worth working hard for… and for us building our family is the best example of that!

Thank you for choosing life. Thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your baby.

Gods richest blessings to you!

James & Samantha

(Jamie & Sam)