Occupation: Optometrist, Eye Doctor
Education: Doctorate
Religion: Christian
Age: 41
Interest: Golf, hunting, scripture memory



Occupation: Stay-at-home Mom, Office Manager for Jimmy’s practice
Education: Some College
Religion: Christian
Age: 41
Interest: Reading, Traveling, Working Out



Married: 11 Years
Biological Children: 0
Adopted Children: 2
Pets: Dog

Dear Mom;

Thank you for taking the time to read our letter.  We are excited about the opportunity and life inside of you.  Crystal and I feel special that you would consider us in raising your baby.  We do not know your story, but it is important to us and we wish to preserve it by sharing your courage and love with your child. 

Crystal and I are both from small towns though she has lived in Oklahoma City and I have lived in St. Louis.  We enjoy outdoor activities and try to make life adventurous and fun.  We met in 2005 and have been married 11 years.  We never could have children, but we believe in our heart that God had other plans for us. These plans include Dash and Palmer and maybe your baby in our home.   Though we have not created a baby, we love our children with all our hearts and we strive every day to help them mature.  We want to give them every opportunity possible and build in them a character of strength and love.

We want to adopt another baby because God has put it on our heart.  Our lives will change in that this precious baby will make 3 children.  It will change the dynamic of Dash and Palmer and make it more fun going to the grocery store.  Dash and Palmer are excited about a baby brother or sister and prepared to take care of the new baby.   Dash and Palmer are currently 5 and 2 years of age, both with unique personalities and talents.  I work Monday through Friday with evenings and weekends devoted to our kids.  Crystal works from home and so has the opportunity to spend every day with our children, giving full attention to their needs and development.

We truly believe God is in control and yet he gives us free will to make choices.  If our book has fallen into your hands, and you choose us then we believe in you and your choice. We have multiple ethnicity children in our family and no matter the genetics running through your child, he or she will fit in ours!

Our goal is to make sure your story lives on in your child.  That he or she would know what courage and love you have shown and the difficult choice you have made.  We will send photos with updates on your child’s development and plan to meet with you throughout the year if you wish.  Again, Crystal and I feel that you have made all this possible and you are as important as your precious baby.

We have truly been blessed through adoption.  Not only as believers in Jesus and being adopted into His family, but also the children in our home that have been placed through adoption. Your child will be loved for you have chosen us for them.  So instead of crazy circumstance and random coincidence, Your child was special and chosen and we will never let them forget that!!!


Jimmy, Crystal, Dash and Palmer