Occupation: Television Producer/Director
Education: Bachelor’s of Science Degree
Religion: Christian – Non-Denominational
Age: 31
Interest: Reading, writing, rollercoasters, running, racing, history


Occupation: Stay-at-home Mom. Operates an online retail store.
Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing
Religion:  Christian – Non-Denominational
Age: 36
Interest: Fashion, food, interior design, sewing and creating items for my son



Married: 6 Years
Biological Children: 1
Adopted Children: 0
Pets: None

Dear Birthmother,

Hello! Thank you for taking the time to read our letter and consider us as an adoptive family for your child. Your courage to take this brave step inspires us. We believe and pray that God would give you strength, health, and peace every day.

We are Jonathan and Janne; our son’s name is Joshua. We live in the friendly city of Tulsa, “T-town” as Jonathan likes to call it. He’s a homegrown Okie from the 918 (Tulsa) and I (Janne) was born and raised in the beautiful country of Norway (commonly known as the country from Disney’s Frozen). But, unlike the movie, Norway’s spectacular fjords and countryside look more like The Lord of the Rings than Pixar’s icy landscape.

You may be asking, “How in the world did that happen? A boy from Oklahoma? Marry a girl from Norway?” Well, I came over to the United States to attend Bible School after college. Jonathan was working in Tulsa, and we both decided to go on a mission trip with our church to the Dominican Republic. Somewhere in the middle of the Dominican, we sat next to each other on a smelly bus. Instant chemistry. After a summer of Facebook stalking, I returned to the States to finish the second year of bible school and Jonathan popped the question. Following two wedding ceremonies (a story for later… J), we settled in Tulsa and had our son Joshua two years later.

We live very active lives. Beyond the gym and Joshua’s t-ball practice, Jonathan works as a Producer/Director. He makes television commercials for some of the nation’s largest non-profits, including: the American Red Cross, Shriners Hospitals for Children, Wounded Warrior Project and many more. Along with being a stay-at-home mom, I have an online business, BORN BRAVE. I hand sew and make beanies, t-shirts, and accessories for kids. I do this so I can donate part of the profits to an organization that fights child sex-trafficking in Nepal, a cause close to my heart.

The love of both of our lives is our three-year-old, Joshua. He is all boy. He loves baseball, basketball, football and thanks to his loving grandparents, has bins full of cars and trains. His imagination makes me laugh. This week he’s really into swords. So now, he pretends everything is a sword. Pens, candles, his toothbrush – in his mind they’re all swords. It’s really cute.

We are involved in our church. I have a small group for moms over at my home every Monday. We drink coffee, talk about life and Jesus, while the group’s 15 kids play together all over the house.  It gets crazy messy, but I need the girl-time and don’t mind picking up afterward. Jonathan loves mission work and serves there as he can. He also writes and directs the largest Christmas and Easter production in Oklahoma every year at our church. It has real camels and donkeys! It’s huge!

To be honest, adoption was something we never really considered until about a year ago. We got pregnant with our son rather quickly and never thought we would experience fertility problems. Fast forward three years and a bunch of medical tests, and I’m crying my eyes out across the desk from the doctor as he is saying, “The odds of pregnancy are virtually – zero.”

Of course, that news brought grief and heartache. But now, we believe it’s all part of God’s plan. In spring of 2017, we felt to move forward with the adoption process.

Since making the decision, it’s like God has given us an indescribable-supernatural love for a child and birthmother we don’t even know yet. In addition to the desire to expand our family and give Joshua a playmate, our hearts are filled with joy and expectation about the special and unique love we will only have for your child.

That’s one thing you can count on. We will absolutely love your child with everything that’s inside of us. And we will love and honor you as his/her birthmother. We admire your brave and selfless decision. It’s our hope to have a relationship and meet with you. We desire for the child to know the courageous person who gave them life and celebrate the legacy and culture of both their adoptive family and their birth family.

We believe that the purpose God has for you and your child is beyond our imagination. If your heart leads you to us, we promise to love and support your child. We promise to sacrifice for your child, pray for your child and always, always, believe in your child. It would be our honor to make that commitment to you.

Outside of Jonathan and I, you can have peace knowing your child will be surrounded by friends and family who will love and support them unconditionally. We prioritize those relationships. Jonathan’s family lives in Tulsa, and they have welcomed me into their family with open arms and such deep love. Since I have no immediate family here, it was such a relief to feel so loved and accepted. And, since my family lives in Europe, your child will truly feel love from around the world (and get to know and visit there too).

Please know, we are praying for you. We know this cannot be an easy decision, but we believe God will direct you to the perfect family for your baby. If that family is us, we promise to provide a place of love, acceptance, support, and prayer for both you and the child.  As parents, we will provide a place of security, faith, and joy for the child God has in mind for us. And as a big brother, I’m sure Joshua will love, protect, and watch out for his little sibling. He’s that kind of guy, already protecting me from spiders and bugs with his swords. J

We hope this letter gives you a glimpse into our lives and a bit of our personalities. But most of all, we hope this letter leads us to you and your child.


With Love,

Jonathan, Janne, & Joshua


“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11