Occupation: UPS Driver
Education: Bachelor’s Degree 
Religion: Baptist
Age: 31
Interest: Home renovation, baseball, hanging out with friends and family



Occupation: Kindergarten Teacher
Education: Bachelor’s Degree 
Religion: Baptist
Age: 28
Interest: Music, crocheting, reading, crafts, and volleyball



Married: 5.5 Years
Biological Children: 0
Adopted Children: 0
Pets: Dog

Dear Sweet Momma,

                We just want to begin by saying you are in our thoughts and prayers. What you are going through right now must be one of the most difficult things you’ve ever done. Just know that you are brave and strong for not only choosing life for your baby, but also for choosing adoption. The amount of sacrificial love you have towards your baby is evident and simply saying “Thank you” doesn’t seem to hardly scratch the surface of how we feel. You are giving us a gift in which we are eternally grateful. You are the hero in our story—the answer to our long and fervent prayers. Thank you.

                Here is just a little bit about ourselves and our story: Kevin was born and raised in northern Missouri on a farm. He enjoyed a simple life out in the country with his parents and two siblings. He grew up in church and was raised to work hard. Steffenie grew up as a military kid and later as a missionary kid She got to travel all across America with her parents and two siblings, and even enjoyed seeing a few other countries along the way. We met while in Bible college, fell in love, and after graduation, we got married in 2014! We are a pretty low-key couple and enjoy the simple things in life! We enjoy spending time together at home or hanging out with friends. We love doing home improvement projects and watching movies. We love going on our yearly summer vacation, usually to Branson, Missouri where we enjoy trying new foods, hiking some trails and enjoying nature. We are both involved in serving at our church. Kevin drives for the bus ministry and helps out with running the cameras for our live stream services. Steffenie helps out in the nursery and plays her flute for special music. We both serve as greeters too and hope to include a little one soon to greet along side us. Currently, Kevin drives for UPS here in OKC and Steffenie teaches kindergarten in a Christian school. Over the years, we have experienced a few early miscarriages which broke our hearts. After a year of doctor appointments, we were told we had unexplained infertility and were advised to start fertility treatments. We spent the next 6 months doing IUI fertility treatments, to no avail. By that time, we decided to pursue adoption and wait for God to place a child in our lives. Our hearts are so full of love for this child already and we are so ready to fill our home with children. Each time we are hit with a wave of discouragement while waiting to be matched, you come to our hearts and minds. Our prayer is not only for us to be patient, but for you to feel the grace and love of God during this trial in your life. Our prayer is that this baby will grow up knowing he/she is doubly loved both by birth parents and adopted. Our prayer is that you have a good support group and find comfort during this process and that someday, we can be included in your circle of love and encouragement.

                To say we have dreams is an understatement. Kevin looks forward to finally having a little one to pour his love and energy into. He wants to watch the look in his/her eyes as they discover new things in life. He can’t wait to participate in “bring your child to work” day, and to toss a ball around with a little one. He wants to raise a child to love the Lord, care for those around them, and do what’s right. He works hard on week days, but always has the weekends off and can’t wait to be a family man. Steffenie dreams of Saturday morning cartoons playing in the house, someone to help stir the Kool-Aid for lunch, zoo days with friends, library dates, and the sound of laughter and little feet running through the house. She wants to open up this child’s world to endless opportunities and feed his/her interest whether it be in music, art, mechanics, etc. Her plan is to finish out the school year she’s promised, but then be a stay-at-home mom and put all her energy and focus on raising a child.

                Again, thank you for considering us to parent your child. We promise to never speak in a negative fashion about you to this child. You will always be referred as “our answer to prayer” and we never want to deprive this child from knowing where he/she came from. We are open to visits throughout the year and only want what is best for this precious baby. God bless you for creating our “missing piece” to complete our family.

~Kevin & Steffenie