Occupation: IT Business Analyst
Education: Graduate School (MBA)
Religion: Christian – Baptist
Age: 33
Interest: Woodworking, volunteering at church and fantasy football



Occupation: Marketing & Civic Engagement Manager
Education: Bachelor of Science in Agriculture Communications from Oklahoma State University
Religion: Christian – Baptist
Age: 30

Baking, shopping, volunteering, reading, graphic design and watching sports 




Married: 5 Years
Biological Children: 0
Adopted Children: 0
Pets: Dogs

Dear friend, 

We are Matt and Shae, and we are honored to have the opportunity to introduce ourselves and tell you about our family. As you make decisions for both your own future and your baby’s future, we are praying that you will feel loved and supported. We admire your bravery and courage, and we are grateful you are choosing to give your precious baby the gift of life.  

We have been married since 2014 and began dating in 2011. We both attended Oklahoma State University – go Pokes! We have two dogs, Thabo and Hashtag. Together, we love going to sporting events, traveling and relaxing at home. Matt works in IT and enjoys woodworking, volunteering at church, fantasy football and movies. He is actually putting his woodworking skills to great use right now by building the crib and changing table for our nursery! Shae works in marketing and enjoys baking, reading, making cute t-shirts and volunteering in the community. 

Home for us is outside of a small town in central Oklahoma. The school system has outstanding academics, athletics and agriculture – there will be opportunities to be involved in whatever your child dreams of as he or she grows up. We recently finished building our home, which has three bedrooms and a bonus/playroom. Three horses and several cattle live in the pasture right behind our house. As your baby grows, he or she will always have the chance to ride horses, feed baby calves and even “help” drive the tractor.

We have a large extended family, and most of them live within 30 minutes of our home. We are very close with our family and spend every holiday together. We also enjoy gathering for lunch on Sundays, birthday parties and “just because.” Our parents and siblings are especially excited to have a little one to spoil and love on. We have many cousins and friends with young children who will be built-in BFFs for your child.

A typical weekend for us is football on Saturday with church and family time on Sunday. We have season tickets to OSU games, and when the Cowboys are away, we get together with friends and family to watch. We can’t wait to introduce your baby to our favorite OSU traditions! Several babies have been born to members of our Sunday School class over the last year, and we love knowing that your baby will have friends to grow up with in the church nursery.

While we both enjoy our jobs, we agree that a good vacation is where it’s at. We love snow skiing trips, cruises, short weekend getaways and Walt Disney World. Red River, NM is special to us, because we were engaged during a ski trip! We mostly travel with a group of family and friends and look forward to including a little one in our adventures.

You may be wondering why we are hoping to adopt. We began trying to and praying about how to grow our family three years ago. After receiving an infertility diagnosis, we decided to pursue adoption instead of medical procedures. To us, adoption is an opportunity to grow our family not just with a baby, but with you, too. We desire to build a relationship with and get to support you as we all navigate this journey together. 

If you choose adoption for your child’s future and we are part of that plan, we want to assure you that we will respect you and honor your wishes for whatever level of openness and contact you want to have with your child. We will provide a safe, happy home for your child, love him or her with all our being, and provide them with every opportunity possible. Above all, your child will always know the depth of your love. 

With love, 

Matt and Shae