High School Teacher and Coach

Education: B.S. in History – working on Masters in American History and Government
Religion: Evangelical Christian
Age: 33

Watching/playing sports, reading, audiobooks



Occupation: Wife & Mom (previously teacher)
Education: Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from OU
Religion: Evangelical Christian
Age: 35
Interest: Crocheting



Married: 5 Years
Biological Children: 1
Adopted Children: 0
Pets: Cat


Thank you for taking the time to read through this letter and our profile! We are simple people who enjoy time together- taking walks, reading books, eating dinner- and we look forward to adding more children to our home. Since we’ve had a child biologically, we appreciate even more that you are making this difficult choice for your child. Thank you for nurturing him or her for nine months and for choosing who you think is the best family for him or her. Even if we are not that family, we want the best for you.

We are Nate and Melissa. We met while teaching at the same school in Tulsa in 2012 and appreciated the genuineness, kindness, and faith of one another. We have liked spending time together by taking walks, making dinner, and giving moral support while grading papers. We’ve been married since June of 2014. We go camping and hiking every summer, and we prioritize a visit to Nate’s family in Omaha, Nebraska every (or almost every) July 4th and Christmas. Our relationships with Jesus Christ are central to our lives and are deepening as we study God’s word on our own, as we attend Heritage Baptist Church, and as we live in community with other Christians. Currently, Nate teaches high school history and coaches cross-country and track in Oklahoma City. Melissa stays home with our daughter, precious Ruth, who was born in December of 2018, and will continue to stay home when a child is added to our family.

We hope to adopt a child (or two) and have each wanted to for years. I, Melissa, first considered adoption on a mission trip. My team visited an “orphanage”, but we learned that many of the children’s parents were alive but couldn’t care for them, that the simple provisions of the children’s home were better than what the children would have with their parents. The children were very loving and hungry for attention, and I wanted to take some of them home. Although your situation is different, God used that experience to begin to grow my heart toward children in need and adoption. Since then, God has broadened my understanding and deepened my desire to adopt.

Although in the past adoption has often (unfairly) had a negative stigma, my (Nate’s) earliest experiences of family friends adopting gave me a very different view and ever since I have felt called to adopt. One of the most important factors to shape me was the loving Christian family that I was raised in and I hope to provide that for our adopted child(ren). Additionally, adoption is a beautiful picture of the gospel in that God has taken us to be His own through His Son Jesus Christ.

We feel blessed to know Christ, to have been raised in the church and in stable homes, to have a stable job, and to be given more than sufficient financial, emotional, and spiritual provisions. We believe that God has welcomed us into his own family by adoption, and we would like to join in that work. We each, individually and together, have felt called to adopt, and we look forward to how God can use us in the life of a child.

We would like, for the child’s sake, to keep in touch with you, the birthparents, and particularly the birthmom, as long as you are comfortable with it. We believe that the child will be more emotionally healthy in the long run if he or she knows you and knows that you made an adoption plan out of love. He or she will probably want to know what you’re like and what parts of him or her are like you, and we think it’s best that we’re always open and available to answer those questions as best we can and as much as you are comfortable. We imagine meeting with you and a Deaconess mediator in the beginning. We’d like to send you pictures of the child and an update every three months or so, especially in their first year. After that, we’d like to send you pictures and a letter at least twice a year. We are open to developing a closer and more casual relationship with you, but we want to respect your boundaries. Let’s be flexible and try our best to communicate what we want!

You are making a decision for the rest of your child’s life, and I know you must feel the weight. We, of course, don’t know the future, but here’s what we know about ourselves. Nate and I (Melissa) grew up in church and believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, that he lived a perfect life, that he died and came back to life, providing a righteousness for us that we cannot create on our own.  We will take our kids to church, read the Bible to them, and pray with and for them. Our ultimate hope is that each of our children will accept Jesus and follow his plan for life with God’s help. Also, we like to read and learn. We were each homeschooled, and we are both teachers by profession, so we value education highly. Ideally, we’d love to homeschool our kids when they’re little and send them to Nate’s school starting in elementary school. We’re not rich and we probably never will be, but we like spending time together and we take joy in simple things. Any vacations we take will probably be to visit our extended family or to enjoy nature and “get away”. I imagine that as a family, we will read books, play games, play outside, and participate in Awana at church.

Again, thanks for your time, and we pray that God will provide the family that you and your baby need.

With Christ’s love,

Nate and Melissa