Occupation: Concrete Sales & Area Supervisor
Education: College Degree in Applied Sciences
Religion: Christian
Age: 33
Interest: CrossFit, working with college students at church, sports



Occupation: Contracts Manager (part-time) and hope to be stay at home mom
Education: College degree in Business Administration
Religion: Christian
Age: 34
Interest: Reading, gardening and outdoor work, baking desserts, building LEGOs



Married: 8 Years
Biological Children: 0
Adopted Children: 0
Pets: Cat

Dear Birth Mom,  

Thank you for taking this time to get to know us!  We are Ryan and Chelsea. 

We haven’t met, but we know that you are brave and that you have a courageous love for your child.  We have been thinking about you and have made a commitment to pray for you. We are so humbled by your decision to give your child the gift of life and to consider our family to be a part of this precious one’s life.      

A little bit about us…  We both grew up in Kansas but in opposite corners of the state.  We met in Oklahoma in 2009, when Ryan relocated for work.  We were friends for about two years before we started dating, but from the first “I like you” talk, we both knew that we had found someone very special.  We dated for five months and then Ryan proposed, and Chelsea said “YES!”  We were married just one week before what would have been our 1-year dating anniversary.  We have been married for 8 years now. 

Adoption is something that we discussed early in our relationship, but with the expectation that we would also have biological children.  Through years of trying to conceive, we understand on a more personal level now that we are not the ones in control.  Dealing with infertility has been very emotional.  It’s hard to put into words the grief we experience over the absence of children that never existed, but who are very real in our hopes and dreams.  While we don’t know if we will ever have biological children, or if God is simply telling us “not yet,” what we DO know is that adoption is still something that is in our heart for our family. 

We’re not parents currently, but we expect our daily lives to change when we become parents.  Our experience with children comes through family members.  We have a niece and nephew that we see regularly, and we have been involved in their lives since they were both born.  We enjoy our time with them, and some of our favorite moments are holding them after getting home from the hospital, playing with them and chasing them around the house while they learned to scoot, crawl, and walk.  These little moments have been special for us to be a part of.  These moments, along with countless others, increase our desire to become parents.  We plan for Chelsea to be a stay-at-home mom, because it is important for us as parents to be the ones raising our children.

Our relationship with you is a relationship that we are very excited about.  Our desire would be to get to know you during your pregnancy and be involved as much as you would like.  We look forward to visits during the first few years so that you can see how our little one is growing and share with us in that excitement.  Our plan would be to see each other 4-5 times per year, but we would love to send pictures and videos back and forth as well.  The relationship that we want to have with you and your family is something that we wish to continue while respecting your level of openness as well.  We are flexible in terms of how the relationship may change over the years. This child will be loved by so many people!


Ryan & Chelsea