Occupation: Mechanical Engineer
Education: A.S. from Rose State College, B.S. from University of Oklahoma
Religion: Christian
Age: 26
Interest: NBA/basketball, hanging with friends



Occupation: Occupational Therapist
Education: Master’s in Occupational Therapy
Religion: Christian
Age: 26
Interest: Puzzles, reading, coffee with friends



Married: 3 Years
Biological Children: 0
Adopted Children: 0
Pets: Cats


We are Ryan and Hailey! Thank you so much for reading this letter and considering us to be the lucky parents of your baby. We are super encouraged that you’ve decided to make an adoption plan for your baby. We can’t even imagine the bravery and selflessness it takes to make the hard decisions you are having to make. We are praying that during this crazy and trying time, God gives you joy and peace about your decision.

            We wanted to just share a little bit about us! Ryan is a mechanical engineer in OKC. He designs air conditioning systems for commercial buildings and LOVES it. He always says it’s like doing puzzles all day long. He is from Midwest City, Ok and his parents and sister still live there. He has gone on short term mission trips since his freshman year of high school and has a big heart for talking about Jesus with people who have never heard of him. Hailey is an Occupational Therapist in OKC. She works for a home health company and loves getting to spend time helping and learning from elderly people in their homes. She has also gone on many mission trips in college and beyond and loves connecting with people from different cultures.

            We hope to live overseas in the next 5 years to be able to connect with another culture and share Jesus with people who have never even heard of him. Ryan would love to be an engineer in a place like Southeast Asia. We love traveling and having friendships with people who think differently than us!

             We have seen many close friends adopt through Deaconess and other avenues and were amazed at the joy and blessing adoption is to families. Hailey told Ryan very early in their dating that she desired to adopt at some point in her life. Ryan was onboard quickly and that was always a plan for our lives. We had also planned to have biological kids. As we started to explore that option, it became clear pretty quickly that we may have some trouble having a child biologically. Instead of pursuing infertility, we chose to pursue adoption!

            Ryan worked at a Christian children’s camp a couple summers in college with 3rd-6th graders and loves working with grade school kiddos. Hailey has volunteered in her church and babysat since she was in high school and loves teaching 3-5 year old classes. We also have 7 nieces and nephews that span from 15 years old to 3 months old and LOVE getting to spend time with all of them. At any family event, you will see Hailey holding (hogging) the littlest baby at the time.

We are very open to having a child of another ethnicity and love celebrating the similarities and differences between people of different ethnicity. We plan for Hailey to stay home full time with our baby and have family and close friends help if necessary.

We are already praying often to have a relationship with our baby’s birth mom/parent and hope to have an open relationship with them. We hope to have regular meetings with them and will be willing to send pictures/updates in email or message as often as our birth mom would desire/need!

Thank you for reading this LONG thing. We are praying for you!