Occupation: Project Management Team Leader
Education: Bachelor’s in Marketing and Management and Masters of Business
Religion: Catholic
Age: 43
Interest: Running, reading, biking, food and family



Occupation: Mother’s Day Out Teacher (2&3 year olds)
Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education
Religion: Catholic
Age: 42
Interest: Reading, being with friends and family, cooking, volunteering



Married: 9 Years
Biological Children: 2 (1 is in Heaven)
Adopted Children: 0
Pets: Dogs


Thank you for providing us this beautiful opportunity to grow our little family.  We promise to do anything and everything possible to give your child a safe, happy, and fulfilling life.

Stan and Lindsey could not have had different backgrounds.  Lindsey was born and raised in Oklahoma City in a loving home.  Lindsey has a younger sister named Ashley.  Stan was born in Peru, where he lived his first 8 years.  His parents divorced when he was an infant.  Stan moved to Venezuela when he was 8 years old to live with his dad, stepmom and younger brother and sister.  This was a very tough transition for a child, and his dad and stepmom did everything they could to help him integrate to his new family.  When Stan was 11, his family moved to the United States when his dad got a great job for McDonalds.  Stan attended junior high, high school and college in Texas.

We met in Richmond, Virginia.  Lindsey and Stan fell in love, were married, and had Elizabeth a couple of years later.  Once we had our daughter, we decided to move to Oklahoma to be closer to family.  We bought a house on a fun, kid friendly cul-de-sac.  Our home is close to family, as well as parks, libraries, our church and school.  After we had lived in Oklahoma City for a year, we had Baby Stan and thought our family was complete.  Sadly, at 2 years of age, Baby Stan was diagnosed with brain cancer and a number of other genetic conditions. That diagnoses started the fight of our lives.  After chemotherapy, stem cell transplants, transfusions and over 100 nights in the hospital, Baby Stan beat brain cancer.  It was a wonderful homecoming!

Our little boy thrived throughout the next 1.5 years and was once again a happy little boy.  In January 2018, Baby Stan’s heart suddenly stopped.  It was the worst days of our lives.  We still miss him, but we know that he is in Heaven where he is playing with his great grandparents, other relatives, and Jesus.  He no longer has to face heart checkups, take medicine or have to undergo MRIs.  The night that Baby Stan died, we promised Elizabeth that she would once again have a sibling to play, laugh, and share her toys with.  We are not giving up until we deliver on this promise.

Baby Stan’s condition was a genetic condition.  We do not want to have another child of our own and put the baby’s health and life at risk. 

This is where you come in.  We have prayed by ourselves, with each other, had family meetings, and talked to lots of friends about adoption.  We promise with all of our hearts to make your baby a very important part of our family.  Your baby will have loving and kind parents, a fun loving big sister, and two gentle dogs, Tex and Rainbow.  Your baby will be cherished, played with, and supported no matter what.

We know that adoption can be challenging for everyone involved.  However, we will use all of our understanding to make sure everyone is supported and that this will be a successful experience.  We know that this is very tough for you.  We too have had tough situations, and we will do everything we can to help you through it.

Thank you for this opportunity, and thank you for your trust.

Lindsey, Stan, Elizabeth and Baby Stan