Occupation: Air Force Pilot
Education: Pilot Certification, Bachelors degree from the United States Air Force Academy
Religion: Christian
Age: 31
Interest: outdoors (hiking, biking, fishing, camping, kayaking), working on cars



Occupation: Counselor, Stay-at-home Mom
Education: Masters of Arts in Professional Counseling, Bachelors of Science in Psychology
Religion: Christian
Age: 28
Interest: Create (paint and make greeting cards), cook and bake, run and read



Married: 8 Years
Biological Children: 1
Adopted Children: 0
Pets: Dog

Thank you for reading this.  Considering us to be the family that raises your little one is the highest honor.  Deep down in our hearts, we believe that you are the kindest, bravest, and most selfless person for what you are choosing.  And yet, we recognize that it is an incredibly difficult and weighty choice and we want you to know that we care about you and how this choice impacts you.

Our names are Steven and Joelle and we were both born and raised in Colorado.  We met in youth group when we were in high school and have been in love with each other ever since.  Steven had wanted to be a pilot since he was four years old and was able to fulfill that dream.  Joelle just completed her masters in counseling, but intends to stay home while there are young children in the home.  In 2012, Steven and Joelle got married and moved to Oklahoma with the Air Force. 

We always longed to have children.  We had been trying to get pregnant for over three years when we decided to go to the infertility specialist.  We learned that while it is not impossible for us to get pregnant naturally, it is unlikely.  We were headed down the path of treatment when we were surprised to discover that Joelle was pregnant with our son!  His life is truly a miracle!  Martin is now three and he brings so much joy into our home.  After having Martin, we did not feel like pursuing infertility treatment was right for our family. 

We feel like adoption is supposed to be part of our story.  Adoption is a beautiful metaphor of how God has adopted each of us into his family.  We are excited about adding a new miracle into our family.  The journey of how a new child made his or her way into our home through adoption is just as much of a miracle as a biological miracle of getting pregnant.  Children are truly a blessing and the possibility that you would choose us to receive that blessing is simply marvelous.

It is really difficult to try to describe our hearts and personalities in this letter.  We have written and rewritten it a million times.  The love we have for each other is something very special.  We have now been together for 14 years (married for 8) and our bond continues to grow.  We describe ourselves as teammates.  Becoming parents has been one of the most amazing experiences.  It is not possible to describe the amount of love that we have for our sweet little boy.  Our hearts must have doubled in size when he became a part of our family.  We believe in our hearts that God can form a family in many different ways and our hearts will double in size again when we adopt. 

We have been talking to our son about how we hope to bring a baby home to become part of our family.  The other day, we were in the Eskimo Joe’s store and went to the kid’s section to perhaps pick out a shirt for Martin.  He immediately found the smallest shirt/onesie that he could find and asked us if we could buy it for the new baby that would be joining our family.  So of course, we bought it.  I share this story to give a glimpse of our excitement and Martin’s sweetness.  Every baby that we meet, he shows an interest in and gives gentle touches to.  He is excited about having a playmate, a partner in adventure, and someone to share memories with as they grow up together.  Thank you for taking the time to read about our family and our desire to adopt.