Occupation: Vice President Field Operations and Technology
Education: Bachelors of Business Administration
Religion: Christian/Baptist
Age: 34
Interest: Cycling, outdoor activities, woodworking, board/card games, reading



Occupation: Teacher
Education: Bachelors in Math Education & Masters in Curriculum and Instruction
Religion: Christian/Baptist
Age: 34
Interest: Knitting, reading, bible study, walking the dog, organizing chaos



Married: 12 Years
Biological Children: 2
Adopted Children: 0
Pets: Dog

Hi, there!

            You’re reading my letter – that’s an answer to our family’s prayers! We are excited & hopeful to have you read our letter.  We have prayed for and anticipated this moment for years – before marriage or children or careers.  We have expectantly been waiting for you and our child. What must your heart be facing, though? As I write, I imagine you as brave and determined, but also possibly scared, or maybe even sad.  No matter how you feel, the reality is that you have chosen life for your child and are actively seeking to find him or her a safe, loving family.  This child is already loved and cherished just by your actions.  

            To give you a quick glimpse of who we are: I’m Stephanie and my husband is Tim.  I’m a high school teacher.  Tim is the IT & operations manager at a small company my father owns.  Tim and I are middle school sweethearts.  We met at church when we were 9, really began dating in high school, and were married our senior year of college.  Tim’s passions over the years have included scouting, cycling, woodworking, and board games. He’s a hard worker and helps with so much around the house too!  My interests are found in cooking, baking, reading, knitting, and walking.  Tim and I work well together because we both share the family chores and recharge best with time as a family.  

            Life as a family hasn’t been perfect, but we sure do love where the journey has taken us.  Our first pregnancy ended in a miscarriage.  We made it 12 weeks into the pregnancy before we lost our first baby.  It was heartbreaking and has taught us a lot about grief and goodbyes.  A few months later, we were pregnant again.  This time, God blessed us with our smart, silly, loving son Emmitt.  He is now 7.  Next, we were blessed to have our creative, adventuresome, cuddly daughter who we named Grace.  She’s now 4 and sings and twirls throughout each day.  Emmitt and Grace are best friends and are excited to add a baby to our family adventures.  

            I want to take a moment to clearly say this: Each of our children have a unique, irreplaceable spot in our hearts – this includes our first baby that we didn’t get to meet and our adopted child whom we haven’t met yet.  We do have 2 biological children at home, but our hearts still long for our adopted child.

            Now that you’ve been introduced to each of us, let me tell you a bit about our life as a family.  One key element is that we do a lot of activities together.  We call ourselves a team whether we’re going on some fun “adventure” or tackling household chores.  We want our kids to know that home and family are always there for comfort and support.  We love Saturdays cuddled on the couch watching cooking shows.  We dream about our next road trip and where we all want to go.  As a family, we are excited to add our adopted child to our “team.”  If you are willing, there’s room for you as a birth parent, too. The reality is that we could not grow into our family without you.

            To continue our story, I think you should know about our children’s schools – we have loved them!  Since I teach full-time, Grace was enrolled in a preschool close to my school.  This preschool will be where our next baby attends too.  They embrace children playing and moving while still managing to build learning into their day.  We loved it while Grace was there (she’s in elementary school now.)  Our local elementary school is wonderful!  Our son Emmitt is in a Spanish immersion program there.  He started in kindergarten with nearly zero Spanish knowledge.  He’s now in 2nd grade and able to read and converse in Spanish. His teachers are amazing. They love sharing their language and culture.  Thankfully, all siblings also get to be in the immersion program – this means both our daughter and our adopted child will be able to participate!  Emmitt’s Spanish teachers are already excited to meet this little one.

            You now know a little bit about us.  We are looking forward to learning about you.  We are hopeful that you as birth mother will stay connected with this precious child.  We are open to letters, emails, and even playdates as our relationship grows.  We would not keep our adopted child from find their birth family.  Rather, as parents, we want to help them explore their birth heritage, culture, and family history.

            We have been praying for you and will continue to do so.  It’s amazing that we are strangers at the moment, but are about to have our lives and hearts so entwined through this child.  I pray that you are filled with God’s peace, comfort, hope, and joy as you select an adoptive family.  



          Stephanie, Tim, Emmitt, and Grace