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-“I knew in my heart that I wasn’t ready to be a parent.”-

Donate to women in need.Countless reasons exist why one may not be ready to raise a child.  Maybe there’s not enough time, money, or help.  Perhaps you’re not ready to put your dreams on hold.  Could it be that you and your partner are already struggling to feed and clothe the children you have and adding another baby would be too much stress on your relationship? You may be worried about talking with family and friends.  Your baby’s dad might be upset…or maybe, he’s not even around anymore.  You really don’t know what do right now and are unsure about who to talk to.

We have a staff of trained professionals who specialize in meeting every individual, couple or family at their point of need. Each person is treated with dignity and respect with no judgement made or pressure exerted.

At Deaconess, every birth parent is considered a hero. Heroes are individuals noted for feats of courage and sacrifice…they are the inspirations we hold in our hearts.

Placing your child for adoption can be one of the most rewarding decisions you make. Let us help you through this incredible experience with our quality adoption services. Call today and talk with one of our specialists.

We Help Provide Expectant Parents With…

  • Counseling to help you with your decision both during and after your pregnancy.
  • Child care during your delivery for your other children with you.
  • Emotional support during your labor and delivery.
  • The ability to choose the Adoptive Family for your child.
  • The ability to choose the level of openness of your adoption (open, semi-open, closed).
  • Direct placement with the Adoptive Family.
  • Financial help related to your pregnancy.
  • Help to keep you in contact with your baby and Adoptive Family after placement.
  • Birth parent support groups and activities with other Birth Mothers.
  • Educational and vocational guidance including educational grants.
  • 24 hour phone support – just call (405) 397-3140

Can I choose a family for my baby?

Of course! Most agencies have a variety of families you can choose from. Each one has been through an intensive screening process that includes criminal background and child abuse and neglect checks.

Does the father of my child have any rights?

Both you and the father of your baby have rights. If you disagree on the plan that meets the best interests of your child, the agency will usualy work with the child’s father and the courts to determine if his rights can be terminated.

How much will my child know about me?

The answer to this question depends on the type of adoption plan you choose – open, semi-open, or confidential. An open adoption plan permits ongoing visits with your adoptive family and child. A semi-open adoption means that you stay connected with your child through letters and pictures. If you prefer no contact with your child or adoptive family, a confidential adoption plan may best meet your needs. Most states require that you provide non-identifying information about your medical and social background, however.

Will my child be able to find me when they grow up?

The laws in your state determine when and how your child may access information about you. Most agencies can help you with this process.

What kind of financial assistance is available?

Most states allow for medical and legal assistance when making an adoption plan; however, each state has different laws pertaining to payment of living expenses.

DPA strives to meet the needs of women. We achieve this in the following ways:

  • By advocating for women through their unplanned pregnancies without pressure.
  • By providing expectant parents a variety of adoptive families to choose from.
  • By empowering women to choose the type of adoption plan that they feel is best for them and their baby.
  • By facilitating continued contact with birth families and adoptive families after the adoption is complete.
  • By providing trained professional counselors and specialists.
  • By supporting you long after placement through gatherings and an annual birth mother retreat.

Tiffany shares her adoption experience through DPA.

Taleisha shares her adoption experience through DPA.

Victoria shares her adoption experience through DPA.