At DPA, we believe in empowering birth parents who want to take the steps to further their education. For those men and women who have utilized our services for their adoption, educational grants are available!

Educational Grant Requirements
  • Applicant has placed a child through Deaconess Pregnancy & Adoption Services and the adoption has been finalized.
  • Applicant has documentation of child care if they have children living with them.
  • Applicant must be a U.S. Citizen. (Proof of citizenship must be provided.)
  • Applicant must provide documentation of school enrollment.
  • Applicant must maintain a 2.0 average.
  • Applicant must complete or have completed at least 12 credit hours per semester in college or university to receive grant. If applicant attended a vocational-technical school, proof of required hours to receive certification must be provided.
  • Applicant must be attending school for undergraduate study only.

Income Requirements

  • The applicant must have applied for financial aid with college, university or vocational-technical school of choice and/or FAFSA and state financial aid if eligible to do so. The applicant must also be able to provide proof.
  • If an applicant is a dependent, they must prove that they are not receiving monetary assistance toward education from their parents or guardians.

Please click on the link below, complete the application and return it with the requested verification.

Click Here to Download the Application for the Educational Grant.

-Educational Grant Stories-

Andre Story
Andre-Educational Grant“I truly appreciate everything that Deaconess has done for me and I can never begin to describe the doors that opened for me. I am always humbled just by simply thinking of the things this amazing company has done for me. I entered the doors a complete stranger and left feeling like a member of the family.”

Tia’s Story 
Over 15 years ago, a 16-year-old teenager named Tia called our agency and explained she was in labor and wanted to make an adoption plan for her child.  Throughout the years, Tia stayed connected to our ministry and recently applied for our educational grant to complete her degree in engineering.  The following are some of the thoughts she included on her grant application:
Tia and erin -15“As a pregnant teen, times were not exactly easy for me.  I have accomplished many great things since placing my daughter for adoption.  One of those was graduating high school at the top of my class.  I received a soccer scholarship to Rose State just after graduation but was forced to put my education on hold to become a self-sufficient teen.  I am now an adult trying to go back to college and work full-time.Tia and Erin-2

I am applying for this grant, as I am currently seeking a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering with a minor in Mathematics.  I have always dreamed of obtaining my college degree from the University of Oklahoma.  I have wanted to achieve this goal before my now 15-year-old daughter graduates from high school.  I want to show her that anything is possible as long as you put your mind to it.  I want to be a role model not only for her, but for many other young adults. 

I will be forever indebted to DPA, as I am not sure where I would be today without the strength they have given me, not only emotionally, but spiritually.”